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Education Program Coordinator

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Role Overview

- Type: Part-time Contractor (with the potential for FTE considerations)
- Tentative Dates: 2024
- Tentative Schedule: 4-6 hours per week during after school hours
- Location: The Greater Sacramento Area (California)

Role Summary

TECHEDIFY is seeking an enthusiastic and tech-savvy Fall Tech Program Instructor to guide and inspire high school students during our 8-week hands-on program. Our mission is to revolutionize tech education, and we're on the lookout for educators who share our passion for fostering creativity and critical thinking in the tech space.
In this role, you'll oversee students' journey from ideation to execution, introducing them to generative AI and no-code development, guiding them in creating innovative applications that can add value to the world. If you're passionate about teaching, have a grasp of cutting-edge technologies, and believe in nurturing the next generation of tech innovators, we'd love to hear from you.


- Guiding students through the 8-week program, helping to manage their time and efficiency to ensure they can finish their respective minimum viable products (MVPs)
- Facilitating brainstorming sessions, giving feedback, and encouraging creative problem-solving
- Teaching students to use generative AI and no-code development tools
- Supporting students as they build, test, and present their MVPs, ensuring they incorporate feedback for continuous improvement (guidance provided)
- Modifying daily lesson plans as necessary to accommodate class pace and ability
- Providing regular feedback on the program and documenting all relevant data to help improve curriculum and services


- Passion for working with and inspiring students
- Excellent communication and leadership skills
- High school diploma required (bachelor's degree highly preferred)
- Prior experience working with older students
- Experience using ChatGPT and/or Bubble.io a huge plus

How to Apply

Please send your resume and cover letter to the following email address: mikelee@techedify.com


$15 - $30 an hour rate (commensurate with experience)
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At Techedify, our mission is to democratize access to advanced technology education, fostering an environment where all students, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds, can harness the transformative power of technology to amplify their potential. We aim to bridge the digital divide by equipping students with user-friendly tech tools and knowledge that not only prepares them for the ever-evolving digital landscape but also empowers them to become agents of change within their communities. By collaborating with industry professionals, providing mentorship, and offering platforms for innovation such as our pitch competitions, we envision a future where every student is inspired to explore, innovate, and contribute to a just and equitable tech industry. Rooted in a commitment to youth empowerment, Techedify strives to instill a lifelong passion for learning and the drive to pave paths of opportunity for themselves and their peers.